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Things you might want to blacklist:

anti jeff davis
jeff is not a gift
anti stalia (not malia tho i like her)

I try not to post too much wank but sometimes I get emotional.
If you want me to tag anything just ask me. :)

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                    Because you’re not saying anything but I feel like I’m going deaf.

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Top 20 Characters (as voted by my followers) → #20 (1/2): Isaac Lahey

"You came to help." "I came to win."

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"For half of my childhood I was locked in a freezer, so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me."

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acaranna replied to your post “but I really hate that I cant be on tumblr so much cause I love…”

We love you and we understand! *cuddles and hugs you*

aww thank you <3 like I don’t even think anyone misses me haha. but it’s just nice to leave nice messages for people <3

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"Well I guess that makes me lucky, because I don’t have anyone."

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I don’t wanna go to bed nononononon *throws tantrum like a 4 year old*

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acaranna replied to your post “hale-to-my-stilinski replied to your post:✌ ❀☀ i want to meet you too…”

Too far away.

:C true.. UGH.. I hate like natural laws and stuff. just bent the universe a bit and get here thank u v much

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but I really hate that I cant be on tumblr so much cause I love leaving nice messages and asking you people stuff cause I know it will make you smile and I barely have time for that anymore :c

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It’s safe, though, right?

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"Does that mean your father was a murderer?"

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i want to meet you too <3

then where are you??? D:

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Bunny Teeth & Disney Eyes

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