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After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.


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Isaac Lahey + that smile / smirk thing he does.

Teen Wolf S03E16 — Illuminated.


[Tour guide voice] And if you look to the right you will see the teen wolf fandom trying to resist the urge to kill the creator

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Bitcon - “Don’t think of it as being women or POC people dying, but being hired.”

I’m so happy they said this. I wanted to say it in the pages of Eternal. That Boyd was played by a black actor, but he was killed for a story-centered reason. Killing a character, for a writer, is about the impact of the death. We don’t go, “Oh, who can we kill? Let’s pick someone that won’t matter!” Boyd had to die, because the impact of his death on a more central character was enormous. He died to get Derek to break. But more than that, he died so we would FEEL his loss. Jeff wanted our hearts to break, just like Derek’s heart.

Okay, but then why not kill off Isaac instead? Not that I don’t think Isaac matters, of course, he’s got a lot of potential, but at the end of the day, statistically speaking, there are many other white boys on the show for people to identify with (maybe not with an abuse background, but still, focus on the racial aspect here for a moment), whereas there really aren’t that many choices for black fans to identify with (especially when you consider the glaring differences of development between white characters and characters of colour… it’s like PoC have been neglected on this show for too long).

But anyway, my point is: this show doesn’t have a lot of solid characters of colour to begin with, so while yes, even though bad things can definitely happen to PoC on-screen as well (as they already do 99% of the times), and even though Boyd’s death served a story purpose along with man-pain for a white man (which is always going to be problematic, furthering a white character’s pain at the expense of a character of colour is inherently questionable), when you take into account this is not a level playing field, it was a really bad and unnecessary choice — and it matters, and it matters precisely because of race.

Like, I constantly hear this fandom going “but don’t reduce Boyd to his skin colour!” and what that betrays, and ignores, is that this isn’t about white allies reducing Boyd to his ethnicity, this is about fans who are young people of colour not being happy that their beloved character who they celebrated and identified with was taken away from them, and Boyd’s ethnicity matters to these fans. So don’t take that away from them either.

But…Boyd didn’t have to be black. That was Jeff casting a black actor in a pivotal role, which is admirable. And TW does cast more diverse characters than any other show.

Jeff casting a black actor in a pivotal role isn’t admirable. It’s the bare minimum of basic decency. Look around you: you live in a diverse world. If you want to depict a reasonably realistic setting, you need to cast for diversity. It’s not a “bonus”, it’s not a selfless act, it’s not something to be rewarded, it should be the default. The fact white people still feel warm and fuzzy inside and proud of themselves for doing the basic decent thing is evidence that white “allies” still don’t truly understand the dynamics of representation equality and what it should mean not only to the groups represented, but to them as well.

Besides, diverse casting doesn’t place anyone above making mistakes and being criticised, nor does it erase those shortcomings, of which there are many in Jeff’s history, make no mistake.

Not to mention that people shouldn’t have to be told to settle for scraps like they’re some kind of unreasonable group being pacified for respectability politics. I don’t know how else to say it, but that notion is incredibly appalling and disingenuous and, frankly, infuriating.

And you can’t even say…”Well…we see too much of this on TV.  They only cast POC characters, or female characters in roles where they will die. It’s like they are saying POC and female and gay characters are expendable.” Because that isn’t true of TW at all. Scott is a POC character.

Yea, one which the fandom still continues to claim isn’t really that much a character of colour, one that the fandom continues to want to see as white and take away his own heritage from him (and Posey’s, by extension).

Danny is a POC and gay character. Deaton is a POC character.

Yea, and they both keep being neglected by the narrative and used only when they serve a purpose to the story (or as token characters). That’s not representation, that’s utter scraps. Worse than scraps, even.

Allison was female and strong and central to the story…but she died. Melissa is POC and female and central to the story, though a minor character, and hasn’t died. But when or if she does, Jeff has written her so well that her character death would rock the TW world.

"But she died," as they all do, or when they don’t, they’re neglected by the story, or when they aren’t, it’s a rare case. We shouldn’t have to live in constant fear that our characters who aren’t white, cisgender, heterosexual men with loads of man-pain might not be there come next episode. That’s just not healthy.

That’s what we should note about Boyd. His death rocked the TW World. He wasn’t a central character, but he also wasn’t a cipher. He wasn’t a POC token character. He was valued by the pack, by his Alpha, by the fandom. And Jeff did that. Jeff wrote him that way…as a sensitive loner, a big guy with a big heart. He didn’t even like Derek that much, but he was still loyal to the pack.

But he was a token character, because he was neglected by the story almost entirely and only brought up when it was useful to advance the plot. It’s not enough to be there, the story actually has to acknowledge them and treat them at the very least the same as they treat other white characters.

I know for sure my love of Boyd had nothing to do with him being black.

But for a lot of other fans it was because he was black, and that is valid and that is okay because ethnicity is an important part of the life and of the identity of people of colour and it’s legitimate for them to value those traits in characters, the same way it’s legitimate for queer people to value queer traits, or women and gender identity minorities to value gender identity and expression.

Don’t take that away from them, the world already does a good enough job at that on a daily basis.

I loved him for his subtle humor and his loner attitude, because he was special…a real person. And I felt his loss because it impacted the show…in so many ways.

That’s good writing. Viewers or readers don’t love characters who are poorly written, just because they match a particular demographic.

It’s not good writing, not entirely, because the character still died for the sake of furthering Derek’s pain. It was quite literally man-pain at the expense of a black character… and that is not good writing, not if you are even the bare minimum of socially aware and responsible and professional enough to understand the negative impact you’re making for the sake of a tear-jerking scene.

There are better ways to accomplish that, ways that do not take away what little representation people manage to get.

Royals, We wish you a very HAPPY EASTER! (x)

Royals, We wish you a very HAPPY EASTER! (x)

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being romantically frustrated is 1000000 worse than being sexually frustrated because you can get yourself off but you can’t spoon with yourself and kiss your own forehead

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Look, I like Malia but she’s been in 3 episodes already and she’s gonna be a main character and appear in the opening while Isaac was in over 30+ episodes and he never got any credit for it.

best thing is, the whole bite con news don’t even disappoint me anymore cause I have no hopes whatsoever for the show :D


For Season Four’s opening credits, I’m adding myself. I won’t ever appear on screen, but I’m that important I thought it was neccessary to add myself before Tyler and the rest of the cast. 



You’ve been cutting tomatoes wrong, learn how to cut like a ninja here.

QUICK! Someone send this to Benedict!!

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Top 50 Vine Scare Cam


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         f i r e a n d a s h

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